BELLINGHAM, Wash., June 2 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to linearactuators, auto enthusiasts, home hobbyists and retailers, all want the samethings: lower prices with more speed, force and stroke options. By thosecriteria, it looks like one manufacturer has hit the ball out of the park.With its new line of linear actuators, Firgelli Automations( has broken the $100 price barrier while offeringtwice as many stroke options, speeds and forces as most others on the market.Priced across the board at $99 retail, Firgelli Automations actuatoroptions include standard force, high force and high speed. All are powered bya 12vDC and can be operated by their remote control systems.

While all Firgelli Automations linear actuators are available in 6-inch to24-inch lengths, the company’s standard force actuators also offer a 3-inchstroke option, and from June they will also offer a 2-inch stroke. High-forceFirgelli actuators offer the highest push/pull capacity at 165 pounds,followed by standard force actuators at 110 pounds and high-speed actuators at28 pounds. Conversely, high-speed Firgelli actuators run at 2 inches persecond; standard force actuators offer a 1/2 inch per second speed at fullload, and high force actuators run at around 1/4 inch per second at full load.”The wider range of sizes, forces and speeds available in FirgelliAutomations’ linear actuators makes for an equally broad range ofapplications,” explained Robbie Dickson, Founder of Firgelli Automations.”Along with lifting hoods, tonneau cover lifts, trunks and Lamborghini doorlifts, Firgelli actuators have been used extensively for custom home theaterand car audio projects, golf cart customization, Plasma TV lifts, and invarious industrial functions.

The applications seem to be endless.”The single biggest factor setting Firgelli Automations apart from othermanufacturers, though, is price, said Robbie Dickson. The company’s productstypically cost 50% to 150% less than most others, and it is the onlymanufacturer in the world to offer a linear actuator under $100. In OEMvolumes, Firgelli Automations price per actuator drops to as little as $30.Since its founding in 2003, Firgelli Automations has employed a twofoldstrategy to keep its prices low, combining strategic use of offshore machiningcapabilities with volume selling. And, with an ever-expanding product line anda company-wide dedication to continuously offering the widest range of optionsavailable in the industry, Firgelli is likely to stay ahead of the pack for along time to come.For more information on Firgelli Automations and its linear actuators andaccessories, visit

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