300mm Stroke 16Kg (35lbs) Force Linear Actuator



These are a new line of Compact Linear Actuators

Ideally suited to applications that require quite smooth linear operation. They come with built in limit switches (not movable), Aluminum case, 2 clevises, one on each end.

  • 12vdc nominal voltage
  • 16Kg (35lbs) push/pull force
  • 16Kg (35lbs) max static force
  • 3amp current draw at full load
  • 2″ Sec speed
  • IP54 Rating (splash and dust resistant)
  • 2-wire harness, reverse polarity to change direction
  • Built in limit switches, not movable

Click here for PDF Spec sheet (76,37 KB)
Click here for PDF Dimensions (89,82 KB)


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