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Suitable for all flatscreen Tv’s up to around 50″. The tv you intend to lift from your furniture piece must be no higher than 750mm.

Super quiet, using quality European built all steel component’s, and assembled here in the UK. Thats a guarantee, and something at ‘The Pop Up Tv Co’ that we are proud to mention.

The Pro-750mm Tv Lift has the following special features.

1. Super quiet running, with the added feature of being a push only lift, thus if any object becomes accidentally trapped in the lift mechanism when moving downwards, the lift will NOT pull down on it, crushing or destroying the object.

2. The Pro-750mm tv lift has a programmable stroke height memory function. Using control box technology the user can set the height of the Tv Lift to their requirement. An example would be that your Tv may only be only 650mm high, and you wish the bottom of the tv to be level with the top of your furniture piece, when the lift stops. Using the corded handset you would take the tv to your required finished height, then by pressing the blue coloured memory button, then the UP button on the corded handset for 6 seconds. (always remember to put the blue coloured M button back to the NON SET position before operating with either the corded handset, or IR handset.) This will record the upper stroke limit, so that when you press the ‘UP’ button on the Infra Red handset, (or corded handset) the lift will automatically travel to your pre recorded height, instead of the lift’s full stroke of 750mm. The same can be said of the bottom stroke height if you require to set this also.

3. Auto power cut off included. Using control box technology the AC mains power socket from the control box will automatically switch power ‘ON’ to you tv as the lift rises, and switch the power ‘OFF’ as the lift lowers.

4. ‘COBRA’ style lid lifter included. This bracket attaches to the top of the lift mechanism to enable smooth opening and closing of hinged lid set up’s.(Please note, wheel bracket as shown in a previous model is no longer available.)

The Pro-750mm tv lift has installation dimensions of only 890mm high, X 120mm wide, and 75mm deep, not including the universal tv mount supplied with the lift mechanism which will fit most flatscreen’s up to around 50″. The lift is super easy to install, either simply wall mounted behind a sofa or furniture piece, or alternatively integrated within an item of furniture. Only four fixing point’s, and can be installed/up and running in minutes.



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