Q: When will my order ship?

Usually ships same day or next day, our cutoff time to get orders out the same day is 11:30am West coast time

How do I know if you have in stock what I want?

If the product your looking for is available to purchase on our website, you know its in stock, out of stock items are taken down from the website

What shipping methods can you offer?

Our shipping is done using UPS and when you make the order you will be give some shipping options to choose from at the time for the order. Fastest is next day, slowest is Ground shipping

Do you ship COD?

No we cannot, because we outsource our shipping so we can only offer what is available on the website Q: How much is shipping? A: This will depend on where you live, when you go through the ordering process you will be presented with all the shipping options based on where you live and what you want to order.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Yes we do, our discounts are based on volumes, at 0-9 units the prices are the same, at 10-19 units you get 10% off, at 20-49 units you get 15% off, at 50-99 units you get 20% off, 100 – 500 units you get 25% off

What are the dimensions of the actuators?

On each Actuator page there is a drawing as well as a small table with the open and closed lengths for each actuator size. Basically all you need to do is add 4.3” to the stroke to give you the collapsed length, and add the stroke again to get the open length

How fast and how much force can they push?

on each actuator page you will see the max force and the speed of the actuators

How much current draw with the actuators take?

Each actuator draws approx 3Amps at full load and less for lower load

What if I need a stroke that you don’t have on your website?

We can make special strokes, but there is a 20 piece min order qty, and the price will be $100 each. Email us for more details on this

Are there any discounts for large orders?

Yes our discounts are based on volumes, and the 1st discount kicks in after 10 piece orders where you get 10% off, and goes as high as 50% off for orders over 3,000 units

do you have a returns policy?

yes if you want to exchange the actuator for any other model we can do that with no charge, you just pay for shipping

What if my Actuator is faulty?

We will replace your faulty actuator right away

What is the warranty period?

We offer 12m warranty from time of order

What is the highest force actuator you have?

It is currently 165lbs force

What is the lowest force actuator you have?

It is currently 28lbs force Buy Firgellis New line of linear Slides linear Guides ideal for Cabinet makers and custom home projects

What is the fastest Actuator you have?

It is currently 2” per second speed


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